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From rustic to refined, meat can be prepared in many different ways. Purists often prefer a steak to be simply grilled, as this combines the meat’s own flavor with the hearty aroma added by grilling. The key to perfect results, in addition to the quality of the meat and knowing how to cook it, is the right cookware. If you have the correct cooking equipment, you can prepare foods at home that are as good as those grilled by professional cooks.

Most important of all - The right pan

Most important of all - The right pan

The arcana® grill pan is ideal for people who like to prepare their steaks the traditional way. It is made of cast iron and has the very best grilling properties, ensuring that the heat is optimally stored and distributed for even cooking. The grooved surface makes it possible to cook with little fat and at the same time provides the typical flavor and the distinctive grill marks. A practical aspect is that, after it is seared, the meat can finish cooking gently in the oven.  Simply place the pan on the oven rack, remove the handle, and let your steak slowly become tender and juicy. The special grill pan cooks the food gently while allowing them to become crisp. It is made of grooved cast aluminum with nonstick sealing, is perfect for grilling delicate foods, and requires practically no fat.

For tender and juicy results

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Most important for the perfect steak is the quality of the meat you use. Beef should be well hung, dark red in color, and lightly marbled. It is also very important to let the pan and the fat get very hot and then to sear the meat at this high temperature. This makes it possible for the proteins to coagulate on the surface, while the crust that forms locks the juice of the meat in (Maillard Reaction). The time required depends on how thick the meat is. When turning the meat, make sure that you do not puncture it, for this would allow the juice to run out. Instead of using a fork, turn the meat with the Fissler comfort turner. It is made of high-quality plastic, which is also gentle to the pan.

Cooked to perfection

You can tell whether the meat is done with your very own fingertips. If you press lightly on the meat and it feels like your lower lip, it is "rare." If it doesn’t give that much, more like the tip of your nose, it is "medium." And it feels like your forehead, it is "well done."

Remember that, while many people like their beef to be "rare" or "medium," it is important for light-colored meats like pork, veal or poultry, as well as chopped beef, to be cooked through.

Once these delicacies are on the plate, the steak knife from the passion line is the perfect partner for your fork. It is comfortable to hold, and its extra sharp blade will cut without any pressure at all.

For even more flavor

If you would like to add additional flavors to your grilled meats, use marinades - based on oil, vinegar, buttermilk or honey - and add herbs or other seasonings. You can either place the meat in the marinade or, depending on its consistency, massage it into the meat. A welcome side effect is that this will make it even more tender. Before grilling, make sure to thoroughly drain off all of the marinade. The Fissler finecut is a clever assistant for making a marinade. It can spin-dry and chop herbs, the marinade can be mixed right in the container, and it can be covered and stored until needed.

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The special grill pan is ideal to prepare steaks the traditional way.

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